Pr. Errachid Abdelhamid

Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, France

21 novembre 2015 à (..h..)

Micro&nano-structuration of materials using non-photolithographic techniques

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Pr. Errachid Abdelhamid

Design and elaboration of chemo- Biosensors and BioLab-on-a-chip using silicon technology.
Development of chemo- Biosensors and BioLab-on-a-chip on plastic foil using top-down and bottom- up approaches.
Development of unconventional micro&nanotechnologies to fabricate new flexible analytical tools (Bio- micro&nanosystems, micromixers, and microfilters) using micro&nanocontact printing, soft-lithography, and UV-NanoImprint Lithography (UV-NIL).
Biofunctionalization, micro&nanobiotechnology, and Packaging process.

Prof. Abdelhamid Errachid received his Ph.D degree from the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona in 1997. From 1997 until 2001 he worked as junior research scientist at the CNM. From 2001 till 2008 he worked as senior research at the department de electronica, Universidad de Barcelona and IBEC.
Finally, since the end of 2008, he is a full professor at the University Claude Bernard-Lyon 1. He has been involved as a coordinator, principal investigator, and team leader in several European projects under 5th, 6th, 7th and H2020 framework programmes: FP6: (DVT-IMP, MAPTech, SPOT-NOSED, Nano2Life, Ares, Vector), FP7 (SensorART, BOND and H2020 (HEARTEN), as well as NATO, INTAS and TEMPUS International projects and national Spanish projects (MIROMINCE, MINAHE I, MINAHE II and PETRI). He obtained top-level results in the field of silicon-based (bio)chemical sensors using field-effect transistors and micro/nanoelectrode structures. His deep knowledge and understanding of the electronic devices structure as well as operation and interplay between (bio)chemical molecules and electronics, has resulted in development of new (bio)sensor devices (an example, the original nanosensor device based on olfactory proteins developed under SPOT-NOSED project).
Prof. Errachid was a head of the SIMS (Surfaces- (bio) Interface- Micro/nano Systèmes) group from 2009 until 2013 and now he is a head of the micro&nanobiotechnology group. He is also proficient in teaching and training experience at undergraduate, postgraduate, and post-doctoral levels.


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